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- Sandiego , California -

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Books now open

The books are now open for appointments in San Diego. If you would like to get in just shoot us an E-mail with your Idea and we will get you sorted, thanks.

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Private studio open in San Diego

Hey everyone, I have relocated to attend school at the Watts Atelier of the arts. I will be working at a private studio in San Diego, Ca.in between terms. If you would like to book an appointment please E-mail us through here or Ceptat2@yahoo.com with ... more info

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My studio in Sandiego California has a steampunk, comfortable vibe. I try to make it feel as much about being in a relaxed environment as I do about the art. If you would like to get tattooed by me, contact me here or email me at ceptat2@yahoo.com.

Tattooing and goofing off in my professional, laid back atmosphere is what I love to provide my clients with. I want you to Feel as good about the experience as you do the art! This is gonna be there for a lifetime and so will the memories of getting it done so they better be good right?

Thanks for checking out my stuff!

-Cecil Porter


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