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mad hatter finally

Wednesday December 23, 2009

Well i had a busy week and did some great pieces but i finally got to do the hatter from the new alice in wonderland movie by tim burton. The guy i did it on flew in with his wife from england they were awesome they both kept me laughing the whole time got great pieces and again to have people travel so far is such a huge compliment. But when he told me one of the pieces he wanted was the hatter i was so excited i jumped at it. The piece was a ton of fun to do the only challenging part was the size of the face its only around 2.5 inches tall which is much smaller than i am used to doin but i couldnt bring myself to cut out any of the tie and he wouldnt be the hatter with out the hat so i did it and i was very happy with the results. check out their other pieces he got the flamingo the next day and she got the pig that day also the pic she got of the pig was a great angle and on the foot looked really cool and the flamingo went so well with the hatter they really picked great pieces. thanks guys i had a ton of fun and really enjoyed havein u there see you next time and thanks for coming so far it means alot -cecil


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